Ionic Systems have built a reputation based on quality of design and assembled products as such South Essex Automotive Accessories are pleased to announce becoming the South East installation and service centre.

With over 25 years practical window cleaning experience, Ionic Systems Ltd (Then Over The Top LTD) launched the revolutionary Reach & Wash® system at the 1997 NEC Cleaning Show in Birmingham, England. Since then, The Reach & Wash® system has been become a trusted global brand, and the industry standard for window cleaners all over the world. It's no exaggeration to say that Reach & Wash® has revolutionised the industry, by enabling window cleaners to reach higher, work faster and stay safer. But that's not all...

The Reach & Wash® systems are being used in new and ever expanding markets, and are proving just as efficient. Reach & Wash® systems are fast becoming the method of choice for cleaning solar panels of all shapes and sizes. Because Reach & Wash® systems use no harsh chemicals, only pure water is used for cleaning, they are the ideal solution to keep solar arrays clean and operating at peak efficiency, in the safest most environmentally friendly way.

Ionic systems conform to recognised industry standards such the European CE Mark. They have also invested heavily in making sure the systems are the safest available, and are the ONLY manufacturer to be awarded FMVSS-208 crash test certification for their vehicle mounted systems. Could you really take the chance of having a non-certified installer install your machine?

We can not only install their machines, but also repair them carrying a lot of spare parts in stock. Our fully trained engineers can look after you investment and ensure your pure water fed pole system is in fact producing pure water. Even if you have a static system in your premises we can install and set-up the machines to ensure correct operation.

View the embedded image gallery online at:
View the embedded image gallery online at: