Mobile 240v/110v Power Solutions

Inverters are becoming more and more mainstream in vehicles. Certain high street retailers will even sell you an inverter that they claim will power most power tools, do they specialise in this technology, could they tell you how long your battery will last, or what would best suit your needs?

We can supply and fit a full range of professional heavy duty inverters from manufactures such as Victron and Sterling products. Both variations are available in Pure and Modified sine Wave. Pure sine wave units will give you the equivalent of a domestic power supply. Modified Sine Wave are not guaranteed to run every power tool/charger out there.

If it’s just for charging batteries on the move, running power tools, or a full conversion for onsite film production from the back of your van, we can design and fit a bespoke system built around your needs. Split charge systems and auxiliary batteries will ensure your vehicle battery never goes flat. Or we can wire your inverter to just run with the engine running.

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