HGV Protection Systems

As technology improves, so does road safety. With the advent of the Fleet Operator Recognition System (FORS), HGV’s going into central London and cross rail sites require a certain amount of safety equipment to be fitted. We will work closely with fleet operators or one off vehicles to help meet these standards. All the products can be supplied and fitted on site if required, or even work alongside your commercial vehicle bodybuilder and install at point of build.

Side scan systems can be installed along the side of the vehicle to warn the driver of anything from pedestrians to cyclists that may be alongside in their ‘blind spot’. These can also be linked to exterior speakers that warn people the vehicle is turning left.

Camera systems linked to a multiple channel monitor can provide real time viewing for the driver of exactly what is around his vehicle. Side cameras that are discreetly mounted will be shown full screen upon the activation of the left turn signal, rear view cameras will also be shown full screen upon selection of reverse gear. As soon as the indictor or reverse is de-selected the monitor will revert back to split screen 4 camera view.

Four or even eight channel digital video recorders can also be linked into multiple camera systems to also help with insurance claims and proving whom may be at fault. These systems can even be remotely viewed from a centralised PC/smartphone to provide real time viewing of the cameras. The DVR’s will also record speed and location via GPS.

Please contact us for more information on any system or requirements.