Camera & DVR Systems

We’ve all seen the rather entertaining (or shocking) videos on the Internet/TV of all the incidents caught on camera. Have you ever thought of the practical side? With ‘crash for cash’ scams becoming common place, more and more people are looking to this type of system. ‘Crash for cash’ is big business for criminal gangs. Not to mention fleet owners who all of a sudden had 3/4 people in a vehicle after an incident all claiming personal injury expenses.

This type of crime is costing hundreds of millions every year.

The Benefits of using a dashcam:

Quickly establish fault with undisputable video evidence providing date and time stamps and GPS data.
Helps to protect hard-earned no claims bonuses.
Protect yourself from fraudulent claims and help’s in road rage incidents.
Possibly earn extra discounts from your insurance company.
You never know what footage it may catch!.

Whether it be a simple dashcam or multiple camera system we can supply and fit to be automatic on/off with the vehicle ignition or supply only with just a 12v power socket connection.

We have set up a dedicated section on the site for HGV systems.