Beacons & Lights

Whether you are looking to be seen for safety or style we can supply and fit every style of light to fit your application. Brands such as Vision Alert, Britax, 911 Signal, Redtronic, to name but a few. With so many variations of LED , halogen or xenon lights we could fill a whole website with the different variations.

Our most popular products are listed in the store.

We love fitting lights, interior, exterior, work lights, spot lights, marker lights, day time running lights… It really doesn’t matter. If your vehicle is working on the side of the motorway you want to be seen as much as possible. Likewise if you are looking for the stock in the back of your vehicle on those miserable winter nights, why strain your eyes? All our interior lights are IP rated and can be fitted in a number of different ways, cab switched, working automatically with the doors, or have a switch by both load doors with the ability to be switched on or off by either switch.