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Transit Custom gets security deadlocks and LED Beacons

Anyone following us on Facebook would of seen a seek preview of what we fitted to this Transit Custom.

This extremely popular vehicle, was being used by a customer as a mobile service vehicle for their own fleet. The end user was extremely worried about their staff and vehicle being parked on the side of the road. So for added visibility we added a full width LED light bar, front and rear LED warning lights.

The light bar is R65 approved and as such meets full compliance within the chapter 8 requirements for lighting outputs. The very discrete LED flashers are also R65 approved. All products are manufactured by 911 Signal. These units are extremely powerful and guarantee any motorist can see this vehicle from a distance!

Finally given the intended use of the vehicle, we added load are deadlocks for added peace of mind and security.

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Transit Custom Door Speaker, Subwoofer Audio Upgrade, Reverse Camera

Every now and then we at SEAA get asked for something a little different.

This particular vehicle is a brand new Transit Custom. Like a lot of us that own a van, the end user wanted something to help pass the time on those long boring drives. As good as the Ford factory stereo may be, the components used are always built to a budget and as such can be improved upon.

We were asked to come up with improving the factory stereo within the vehicle. All whilst keeping it completely factory looking from the outside, so as not to draw any unwanted attention. Our solution was to change the factory paper cone speakers and rather tinny factory tweeters for a set of after market Alpine Type-E component speakers. These were installed in the factory positions to retain the stock look of the vehicle, and consisted of 165mm mid range woofers and 25mm soft dome tweeters. To improve Bass weight to the stereo, a very compact and unobtrusive under seat sub woofer was installed. This was positioned under the passenger seat, along with the very small amplifier and the controls that allow for frequency adjustment. All this was then integrated into the factory stereo. The end result was a completely stock vehicle from outside, but inside a stereo that pushed the factory source to the limit, and a very crisp sounding stereo. Were sure this will keep the end user entertained for many a journey.

Please don't get us wrong this will not shatter any windows or bounce the vehicle down the road! That wasn't the intention, the intention was just add a further dynamic to the factory fitted stereo system. Something we have achieved!

The next stage if required, would of been to place sound deadening inside the factory doors, and add a digital signal processor to fill in the 'holes' in frequency that the standard stereo just can't produce. But this is very dependant on the budget outlined by the customer.

Finally a reverse camera system was added to aid in not only parking, but for any pedestrians that may wander behind the vehicle. Keeping the factory style theme, a very subtle camera and rear view monitor system was fitted. Again this was integrated into the vehicle in such a manor as keep it looking as if Ford intended.

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Transit Custom secured with deadlocks.

We do a lot of locks here at SEAA, but then can you really afford not to secure your vehicle?

This particular vehicle is a brand new Transit Custom. It had a tailgate and one side load door. It was completed on site for a local main dealer.

Again the locks used were L4V Thatcham accredited deadlocks. These provide an additional layer of security to help prevent unwanted access into the vehicle load area. Fitting these involves cutting a slot or mortice into the tailgate, and drilling a hole from the outside for the barrel to go through. Definitely not something for the faint hearted! Once all the drilling and cutting is completed, all the metal fillings are removed and the holes are rust proofed utilising a rust inhibitor. Finally the outer UV stabilised outer excursion is riveted in place, but only once a sealing agent is applied around the barrel to prevent water ingress.

Due to this vehicle having a tailgate two locks were required either side of the tailgate. The mortice "bolt" then fires into a specially designed reinforcing plate that locates discreetly by the vehicle rear lights.

Finally the side load door also had another deadlock fitted to help prevent unwanted access. All the locks were fitted on site, and yes in the rain, which is not ideal. But with some careful cleaning all the metal filings were removed. And as an added pre-caution the dealer valeted the vehicle straight away after completion.

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Nissan Cabstar Conversion, lots of accessories!

You may think you recognise this from a previous feature. It is in fact another vehicle for the same customer.

Much like the previous vehicle, it had a long list of accessories, and a couple more adaptations. The roof had a Redtronic Megaflash LED 600mm lightbar. The cab had the same folding hazardous warning marker plate, the bulkhead an 12mm phenolic coated birch plywood protection with window cut out. And fire extinguisher in an external housing. It also had heavy duty lashing eyes fitted either side. The chassis was treated to heavy duty toolbox and finally a sliding hazardous warning plate.

This was all completed in the space of day. This meant minimal downtime for the vehicle. The end user carriers barrels hence the heavy duty nature of the bulkhead reinforcing and lashing eyes.

Custom adaptations for any vehicle, whatever the purpose or specification!

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