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Today we fitted a new style low profile Flettner vent onto a brand new Vauxhall Vivaro.

Only a little update....

Today we fitted the first new style low profile Flettner vent onto a brand new Vauxhall Vivaro.

This low profile vent still moves a lot of air inside the vehicle and provides ventilation but is incredibly low profile and designed to work around other roof accessories such as roof racks and roof bars.

Easy to install and a great way of preventing condensation or providing ventilation.

These are available from stock, as are the rest of the Flettner range. Please contact us for more info.

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Transit Custom Stereo Audio Door Speaker Subwoofer Upgrade

Please Note: *This can be purchased online but must be fitted at our workshop in Harlow*

Fed up of the factory stereo system in the Transit Custom? So were we!!

This is another first for us, and the manufacturer... possible the country utilising these components. Our very own Transit Custom has now had a long overdue major re-vamp of the stereo system.

We did not want to go to the trouble or expense of changing the factory head unit, after all it has all the features required already built in. The weakest point is the factory speakers and DSP. We do after all spend more time in our vans than we do in our cars. So why shouldn’t we have some decent sounds?

The brief was simple, get the best sound possible on a budget so long journeys are bearable without any indication to the outside world what has been done.

Utilising award winning front door speakers, the Vibe CVEN 6.5” mid range and tweeters, complete with Match plug and play Amp / DSP and 8” under-seat Match subwoofer.

First off was the door speakers, complete with sound proofing on the cab doors. Next the tweeters were mounted in the factory position in the A pillars. Finally the ultra compact, all in one Match / DSP, was mounted under the passenger seat along with the subwoofer.

The amp / DSP is fully programmable via laptop for true time alignment and also frequency response. The DSP has been configured by, Midbass Distribution and what a difference it has made!

The settings have now been stored for future installs, meaning all we have to do is load the settings on the DSP and it’s ready to go.

This is a true plug and play solution for the 2014-2018 Transit Custom. Easily installed and configured with a vehicle “tuned” bespoke sound file. The 2018> model will be available soon as it is pretty much the same positioning in the vehicle of the speakers / tweets and we can always adjust the settings if need be.

Vocals are crystal clear, and lifted higher into the cab. The bass is punchy and drops very low given the small size of the sub. With the position of the sub under the seat, this gives excellent results. If it gets too much, it is easily turned down on the (optional) wired remote. We can even switch between factory settings and time aligned / DSP settings at the press of a switch.

This is a seriously good setup for any vehicle, let alone a commercial one. It is also completely “stealth” meaning no unwanted attention is drawn from passers by.

We can supply, fit and setup this install in a day at our premises, such is the true plug and play nature of the install.

If you wish to have a listen for yourself, please contact us to book an appointment.

These are available in our webshop

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Citroen Dispatch has Triple R 750's Installed

This brand new Citroen Dispatch came into us to have Lazer Triple r 750’s installed.

Unfortunately there is no grille integration kit readily available. So we had to adapt the front grille and fabricate brackets in order to get them mounted.

The brief was simple, try to make them look as factory as possible, whilst being protected from possible damage.

After a lot of trial and error (read as in bumper on and off a number of times), we finally got them to where we were happy.

These were wired to an independent switch at the customers request rather than full beam.

This was a completely bespoke solution, and one we are proud of!

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Transit Custom MCA Sports Van Receives the brand new Lazer Lamps integrated grille kit!

The first Transit Custom MCA sport van in the country to receive the brand new Lazer Lamps integrated grille kit!

Utilising the Triple-R 750 lights and the specially developed vehicle specific brackets, these were fitted to this 2018 Transit Custom sport van.

Wired to come on with full beam these extremely powerful lights are an excellent addition to the vehicle. This kit has been developed to fit all of the latest MCA Transit Customs.

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