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Citroen Dispatch has Triple R 750's Installed

This brand new Citroen Dispatch came into us to have Lazer Triple r 750’s installed.

Unfortunately there is no grille integration kit readily available. So we had to adapt the front grille and fabricate brackets in order to get them mounted.

The brief was simple, try to make them look as factory as possible, whilst being protected from possible damage.

After a lot of trial and error (read as in bumper on and off a number of times), we finally got them to where we were happy.

These were wired to an independent switch at the customers request rather than full beam.

This was a completely bespoke solution, and one we are proud of!

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Transit Custom MCA Sports Van Receives the brand new Lazer Lamps integrated grille kit!

The first Transit Custom MCA sport van in the country to receive the brand new Lazer Lamps integrated grille kit!

Utilising the Triple-R 750 lights and the specially developed vehicle specific brackets, these were fitted to this 2018 Transit Custom sport van.

Wired to come on with full beam these extremely powerful lights are an excellent addition to the vehicle. This kit has been developed to fit all of the latest MCA Transit Customs.

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The new Transit Custom MCA gets Deadlocks & Cab Door Replock & Cat 2-1 Alarm

This brand new MCA Transit Custom was fitted cab door rep-lock, and cab and load area T series Deadlocks.

We also fitted a cat 2-1 Alarm upgrade working off the factory remote, and supplied a pedal box!

This Custom has been well and truly secured!

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2018 Transit Custom fitted with Victron Power Inverter

This brand new model Transit Custom MCA, was recently fitted with a 250w power inverter. This provides a household power supply whilst on the move.

The Victron Pure Sine wave inverter was installed under the passenger seat of the vehicle, with the outlet mounted in the trim directly below the handbrake, the same place as the factory option.

The factory fitted inverter in the Transit Custom is only rated to 150w! So almost double the power is available, with this aftermarket install. The unit itself was mounted to a trimmed panel to better integrate it into the factory interior. (We know the cover is upside down, unfortunately we couldn't alter this)!

Finally the unit was configured via laptop to ensure the low voltage shut down threshold was correct. What this means, is that as the battery of the vehicle drops below a pre-defined voltage the unit automatically shuts down to ensure the van still starts! Also programmed was the re-start voltage (when the engine charges the battery enough the inverter re-starts automatically), and "ECO" mode. The unit automatically shuts down and starts up on demand from the device plugged into the household socket...

All Victron products come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty as standard. This reinforces the quality of the components used!

All connections to the vehicle were made according to the Ford BEMM manual. This ensures the smart alternator charging system on the vehicle isn't affected, and no warranties on the vehicle are voided.

There are cheaper systems out there, but when it comes to on board power and vehicle electrics, is it really worth cutting corners?

We can specify on board power systems according to your individual needs. From 250w up to 3kw and beyond!

Please contact us for more info.

Nice to work on the 2018 Transit Custom.

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