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Nice looking van in today

Nice looking van in today, this MS-RT Transit Custom visited us for a Lazer Linear Elite 18 integrated light bar.

This super bright light compliments the styling of the van perfectly

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Something else completely new for us...

We can now offer Scorpion Red Power exhausts.

Exhausts to improve the look, sound and performance of your car!

We are the only authorised dealer in the area offering these performance exhausts.

This 3” non-non resonated Cat back system was installed on a Mk2 Focus ST 225 “ASBO”.

Here’s a link to it on our web-shop..

Keep an eye out as we list more systems over the coming couple of weeks.

We will also be adding more performance products over the coming weeks..

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Proving we’re not just here for single vehicle orders...

This was a real team effort, we were contacted by a local company with the look to rack out and secure their fleet of vehicles.

There was a big “but”, from the outset there was only 3 weeks from the inception of the racking design to getting the entire fleet on the road for a contract start date.

We worked with the customer to promptly deliver a design the same day, after a bit of modification, 2 solutions were devised. Dependant on what division the engineers were working in depended on the specification of the racking.

Once confirmed numbers and designs were agreed Gentili and Joe Chambers come through, delivering 12 complete vehicle kits of racking just over a week later.

From that point on it was all hands on deck, the racking was assembled by Rebecca and Debbie from the office offering a helping hand, prior to the the vehicles arriving.

We then installed the racking, cab door rep-locks and load area deadlocks. 2 of the vans were also fitted with parking sensors.

From start to finish, within 3 weeks we had designed, ordered and assembled 12 vehicles worth of racking. Working closely with the end user, who had other trades also offering services such as livery, we was able to meet the deadline and ensure these vehicles were secure, practical, efficient, organised and professional.

The entire team pulled together, and without the support of all the staff, and Gentili this wouldn’t of been possible. All the hard work from everyone is very much appreciated.

This is proof that a small family run business can support local trades and businesses, from one offs to small fleets. We have come a long way from just “a man in a van” in the last 5 years.

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This 2006 Focus ST225 has a long overdue audio upgrade.

A little bit different from the vans we work on.

This 2006 Focus ST225 has a long overdue audio upgrade. Utilising the same Match amplifier / DSP we install on the Transit Custom’s and the new Vibe Powerbox Mini Sub AMP. Coupled with the excellent CVEN 6.5” component speakers up front, Slick CBR subwoofer this system sounds both quality and drops seriously low.

The Vibe POWERBOX400.1M-V7, is a excellent very small amplifier (about the size of a £10 note), that is capable of 400w at 1 ohm!

Coupled with the new Vibe RAPAWK2.5M easy install kit, this does not need a power cable run to the battery of the vehicle. It simply connects to the vehicles fuse box! The easy install kit also comes with phono adapters to connect into factory speaker cables, allowing the amp run from high level and low level phono connectors. Factory integration has never been so easy. (Yes we know this vehicle has a non standard head unit but it was wired exactly as if it was a factory head unit).

This amp matches the SLICKCBR12-V7 subwoofer perfectly.

The Match DSP / amplifier takes care of signal management, including time alignment, and crossover frequencies.

All the system remotes were hidden away in the centre consul, allowing for a completely stealth install.

An excellent upgrade that provides both sound quality and quantity all hidden away under the passenger seat!

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